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DTE Energy



Serving today’s multifaceted energy market, the new material testing laboratory houses 20,000 NSF of laboratory and laboratory support spaces, including electronics & terra-scale integration, vibration and fatigue, metallurgy, x-ray, plasma, organic and inorganic, fuels, coal, water, and lubricants testing. The lab processes over 150,000 samples per year for regulatory, safety and performance validation.

This project features state of the art products from Mott Manufacturing including NovaGuard laboratory fume hoods, Avion overhead service carriers, Altus tables, and Optima laboratory benches. The Mott NovaGuard hoods have many features that today’s laboratory users are looking for in a modern laboratory: increased safety from a larger viewing area, energy savings from both the ability to safely operate the hood at reduced air volumes and from automatic sash operators that close the sash when the sensors detect that the user has left the face of the hood, and added user comfort from an angled sash that provides relief to
lower backs.

Island workstations are comprised of Avion overhead service carriers, Altus tables, and mobile steel cabinets. The service carriers bring all services to within easy reach and allow for maximum use of the desktop without obstructions. The Altus tables and mobile cabinets can be easily reconfigured as laboratory needs change over time.

Optima laboratory benches are self-supporting portable workstations. Services are integrated into the bench assembly and conveniently located for easy access. These benches are also easily reconfigurable allowing for the users to modify the layout of the laboratory space as their needs change.

Designed for high performance and ultimate flexibility these product solutions provide a cost-effective solution to today’s modern laboratory.

  • Contemporary inset metal caseworkontemporary inset metal casework
  • NovaGuard hoods with auto sash operators
  • Avion overhead service carriers
  • Optima laboratory benches
  • Altus tables

Trespa: Top Lab Plus phenolic resin tops

Michigan Maple: Maple butcher block tops

Interdyne: Victoria stainless steel pegboards

NuAire: Class II, Type A2 bio-safety cabinets

Norlake: White Diamond laboratory refrigerators

Labconco: Steam Scrubber glassware washer

Watersaver: Ultra high purity gas fixtures

BOCA Flasher: Energy-efficient LED task lights with occupancy sensors

Movex: ME100 snorkels


Iron Horse Architects- Lab Planners

NSA Architects, Engineers, Planners - Architect

Commercial Contracting Corporation – GC





Located in downtown Grand Rapids along the medical mile, the six story 162,800 GSF facility provides research space to accommodate 33 research teams. Their investigations explore solutions to many of today’s urgent scientific and health issues, including developing a new testing process for the COVID-19 virus as well as research into the domains of women’s health and infertility, adult and pediatric cancers, neurological diseases and autism.

Supporting the goals of sustainability, research productivity and collaboration this project features modular Sigma Flex workstations, Safeguard fume hoods, and NAUF/FSC certified wood fronts from Mott Manufacturing, as well as a full range of stainless steel capabilities. In addition to the wood fronts, other sustainable features of the project include steel cabinets made from 37% recycled steel and stainless steel products which contain between 75-85% recycled content. All coatings and sealants used on the project meet or exceed strict guidelines established by the US Green Building Council.

Anchoring the open lab concept, Mott’s Sigma Flex core system is an efficient and cost-effective solution that provides flexibility to adapt to future needs. Features include adjustable height worksurfaces and shelving, with an integrated service core which allowed for ease of installation for mechanical and electrical service connections.

Fume hood alcoves adjoin the open laboratory environment. The alcoves have been customized to meet the needs of the project including customized peg boards and pharmacy cabinets. Mott Safeguard fume hoods provide an energy saving design with a self-lowering sash system that reduces airflow when a user is not present. A catch temporarily secures the sash in the full-open position for set up and teardown of experiments. The hoods are connected to the building emergency power system, so that research projects are protected during power outages.

The entire sixth floor is outfitted with custom designed stainless steel worksurfaces, sinks, casework, walls, exhaust hoods and equipment. Easy to sanitize, superior corrosion and impact resistance make this material ideal for environments that require high levels of durability and cleanliness.
These products provide functional, adaptable, high quality solutions to meet the ever-changing demands of the biomedical research environment.

  • Steel casework with full flush overlay, NAUF/FSC certified plain sliced maple fronts
  • Stainless steel worksurfaces, sinks, and mobile cabinets
  • Sigma Flex island cores
  • Safeguard fume hoods

Durcon: Grey Epoxy resin tops, sinks and custom pegboards

MCM Stainless: Stainless steel walls and exhaust canopies

Scientek: Glassware washers, bottle filling station and bedding dispenser

Consolidated: Sterilizers

Steelco: Cage wash and bulk sterilizer

TBJ: Vivarium surgery and necropsy stations

Park Bio: Dump station

Hoshizaki: Ice makers

Norlake: Walk-in environmental rooms

Watersaver: Fixtures and eyewash units

Movex: MTS snorkels


Ellenzweig – Design Architect & Laboratory Planner

Smith Group/JJR- Architect of Record

Clark Construction/Rockford Construction – CM

Macomb County, Michigan

INDUSTRIAL MANUFACTURER Main Laboratory, QA Lab, Analytical Lab, Oven Room


This project included the renovation of multiple laboratory spaces which facilitate the innovation and testing of products used in a wide variety of industrial, automotive, and aerospace applications.

The design features state-of-the-art products from Mott Manufacturing including customized Altus benches, adjustable-height welded TDA tables, NovaGuard laboratory fume hoods, a large custom Pro-Series walk-in fume hood, Montel Mobilex high-density mobile storage and Movex snorkels.

The open-space concept features island groupings with single and double-sided Altus benches and tables arranged in multiple configurations to allow for collaboration and maximum flexibility. Work areas throughout the space can be reconfigured to meet changing needs. Each bench is customized for different tasks within the workspace with custom shelving arrangements for easy access to parts and varying electrical configurations for utilization of smaller machinery. The Mott NovaGuard hoods have many modern features that fit today’s varied laboratory safety requirements.  These hoods feature an energy efficient self-lowering sash with a catch to secure the sash in the full-open position for set up and tear down. When the latch is disengaged, the sash automatically returns to the 18” open operational position which offers extra protection for the user and can help reduce energy consumption.  The ergonomically designed angled sash and side alcoves allow for more workspace within the hood without increasing the overall size of the hood.  In addition, service fixtures in the alcove do not protrude into the hood’s working chamber. Custom powder coated stainless flush sills are corrosion resistant and incorporate a trough to contain spills.  A large custom Pro Series walk-in hood was also used in the space so that roll-in equipment or mobile tables can be used inside the hood.  Adjustable-height welded TDA tables on casters add flexibility to the workspace for easy reconfigurability depending on the task.  Finally, Movex MiniTex extractors were used throughout the lab in areas where fume hoods are not practical enhancing the safety profile of the lab. MiniTex’s compact design is useful in laboratory settings that requires multiple units with a low pressure drop.

Since space is a valuable commodity in most businesses, Montel’s space-saving high density mobile storage was used to safely and efficiently store chemicals and employees’ personal items without taking up valuable real estate needed for laboratory testing. Montel’s state-of- the-art Mobilex line was used with mechanically-assisted storage shelving on a floor-mounted rail system which easily moves rows of condensed shelving with minimum exertion. Side and back enclosure panels were used on the shelving to securely store employees’ personal belongings.  The Mobilex system was used for chemical storage as well, utilizing open perforated shelving to meet local codes for fire suppression and ventilation which are important when storing chemicals.

Designed for high performance, safety and versatility, these products provide a cost-effective solution to today’s changing laboratory and storage requirements.

  • Contemporary inset metal casework
  • NovaGuard hoods with mechanical automatic sash closers
  • Altus pre-wired bench workstations
  • TDA welded adjustable-height tables
  • Customized Pro-Series 12 footwalk-in fume hood

Trespa: Top Lab Plus phenolic resin tops

Michigan Maple: Maple butcher block tops

Durcon:  Epoxy resin hood decks

Montel: Mobilex high-density storage systems

Movex:  MiniTex extractors

Biofit: MTCL laboratory stools